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Why DISA does not worry about administering software patches on thousands of switches with Optical LAN

At the US Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) Forecast to Industry 2018 event, Dave Bennett (Director of DISA’s Operations Center), spoke about the DISA Operations Center mission, structure, and changes.

There were two significant statements that caught my attention. For reference, here is the YouTube video of his complete presentation.

First, Mr. Bennett started his presentation by challenging the vendor community by saying, “Understand our domain. Understand how we do business. Understand how your product adds value in our space…What you did in industry 9x out of 10 will not apply in my space. We tend to break capabilities that works in industry. I’ve seen it time and time again over the years.”

Tellabs knows DISA’s requirements well. In fact, DISA has installed Tellabs Optical LAN at the DISA Global Operations Command (DGOC) facility at Scott Air Force Base. Optical LAN was chosen for its’ secure and scalable architecture. By removing the need to manage individual access layer switches, OLAN reduced the number of potential intrusion points, and ensures provisioning adheres to consistent policies.


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